Executive Producer

Nancy Kerrigan has been one of America’s most recognizable sports icons for over 20 years. In 1992, she earned a bronze medal in the Albertville Winter Olympics and the silver medal at the 1992 World Championships.  In 1993 Kerrigan became the United States Ladies Champion and followed that up with her historic silver medal performance at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics. In addition to her work on the ice, the two time Olympic medalist has regularly appeared on television and movies as an actor (Boy Meets World, Blades of Glory, Saturday Night Live, Skating with Celebrities) or commentator (Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Lifetime Network, Fox Sports, NBC Sports), and is well known for being instrumental in the creation of Halloween on Ice. Nancy has been a product endorser (Revlon, Reebok, Seiko, Campbell’s Soup, Old Navy), author (Artistry on Ice) and motivational speaker.


Producer & Director

Chris Blunk - For ten years Chris has produced narrative, documentary, and commercial projects. He has produced content for cable, theatrical releases, and internet everywhere. He’s produced seven feature films including Spiral Bound, a documentary on the education system, and The Sublime and Beautiful, which premiered at Slamdance.



Director of Photography

Jeremy Osbern is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer and writer/director. As cinematographer, Jeremy shot the Kansas City on-location photography of the Bruce Willis movie RED, the Sundance western The Only Good Indian (with Matt Jacobson), and The Fat Boy Chronicles, which became the sixth most-watched family film the year it was released. As a director, Jeremy has shot national spots, collaborated with David Mamet, and lensed music videos that have received more than 100 million views. His work is featured as part of a forty-foot permanent video art installation in New York City, and his first feature film as writer/director, AIR: The Musical, has been sold for distribution across four continents.



Stephen Deaver has edited nationally-released feature films like Kevin Wilmott's Jayhawkers, The Dome of Heaven, starring Wes Studi, and Last Breath, which has been distributed across the world. He's cut short films that have screened in festivals across the country. He's crafted documentaries about a legendary artist, a changing education system, and students on the front-line of tragedy.